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We encourage more junior high school students to actively immerse themselves in the marvelous world of scientific exploration and research, to explore this charming realm. This exploration is a magical adventure, a key that unlocks the door to the unknown world.
ASDAN, collaborating with DISCOVERY EDUCATION, provides high-quality and rich exploration opportunities. Start now, to explore the beautiful planet through global discovery. Think, explore, and discover!


What is Discovery Education?

Discovery Education is a globally renowned media company, and its Discovery Channel covers over 100 countries and regions worldwide. Through various programs and documentaries, the channel presents cultures, nature, science, and history from around the world. These programs lead viewers on a journey into the magical world of nature and cultural heritage, exploring a world full of adventure and wonder!
Discovery Education incorporates the high-quality resources of the Discovery Channel into the field of education, providing excellent platforms for K-12 (primary and secondary schools). With a reach over a hundred countries, Discovery Education serves over 4.5 million educators and 45 million students. Discovery Education aims to cultivate students' practical skills, ignite their desire for exploration, and comprehensively enhance their science knowledge.

Official Collaboration

ASDAN China and Discovery Education have officially collaborated to introduce the rich educational resources of Discovery into global discovery. Through activity design, this collaboration aims to innovate traditional educational models and create high-quality interdisciplinary learning experiences in science, STEM, humanities, and social sciences. Leading students in exploration within real discovery sites such as rainforests, coral reefs, oceans, cultural and archaeological sites, the collaboration seeks to cultivate the ability to think, practice, get creative, and solve problems. Whether you are interested in learning about wildlife, environment, cultural heritage, or aspiring to become a scientist, we have fascinating expeditions waiting for you. Let's explore and discover together!

Discovery Themes

Think like A Scientist, Discover as An Explorer

The dialogue between humans and nature is necessary for our life journey.

Nature is the best classroom. Have you ever marveled at the wonders of the Earth? The beautiful tropical rainforests, the amazing coral reefs of Sanya West Island, the coastlines of Bali, and the golden sands of Langkawi... In the vast classroom of nature, everyone can truly learn something.

We will embark on the journey of sustainable ecological exploration together with professional leaders. In the jungles of rainforests, on the mysterious West Island, and by the shores, we can discover the mysteries of the Earth, cultivate our awareness of the protection of nature, and foster the resilient spirit of knowledge inquiry. Let's start this exploration and continue the preservation of biodiversity.

Cultural heritage witnesses the development of civilization.

The vast land of China holds countless art treasures and mysteries. Within these ancient stories, the beliefs, spirit, courage, and wisdom of the Chinese nation are infused, where Chinese civilization can carry forward through generations. If cultural heritage can travel time, we aspire to tell the world our own stories.

Through the process of restoring artifacts and casting bronze, the experience of blue-and-white porcelain making, and enjoying the creative markets, cultural heritage exploration allows us to delve deeper into our own culture and history. By doing so, we gain a better understanding of our history, fostering our pride of our culture and enabling us to share it with others.