Sanxingdui Archaeology Expedition

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Authoritative Certificate | Exploration

Schedule Dates Grade Location
R1 Jul.17th - Jul.22nd,2024 Junior chengdu

ASDAN Global Discovery Programs

ASDAN China and Discovery Education have officially collaborated to introduce the rich educational resources of Discovery into global discovery. Through activity design, this collaboration aims to innovate traditional educational models and create high-quality interdisciplinary learning experiences in science, STEM, humanities, and social sciences.


The ASDAN Global Discovery Programs aims to discover the potential of each student, cultivate independent awareness and core competencies through social and natural exploration.

Sanxingdui Archaeology Expedition

Do you know that the Sanxingdui site unearthed a large number of drinking vessels?
Did the ancient Shu people enjoy hotpot and drink wines?

When the ancient civilization forgotten for a thousand years transcends time and still remained alive, it evokes a curiosity to explore. Let's step into the world's ninth wonder—Sanxingdui, embarking on a profound archaeological journey, unraveling the millennium-old unsolved mysteries, and exploring the origin and disappearance of ancient civilizations. With a unique and innovative perspective, narrate the ancient Shu culture, students can become a new-generation inheritor of Chinese culture.

Program Significance

Professional Team
Sanxingdui Culture researcher, bronze art artisan, trendy cultural and creative designer, museum interpreter guide
Program Highlights
Bronze handicraft and ancient jade carving, trendy cultural and creative experience at Sanxingdui, Sanxingdui and Jinsha archaeological sites, Chengdu Museum
ASDAN online reports, research reports, or works submissions to relevant conservation areas or multimedia platforms


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Why Us

Official Collaboration and Authoritative Certificates

This project is based on the science curriculum and certification system of the Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network (ASDAN) and Discovery Education. After completing the project, students will receive three authoritative certificates: ASDAN UK Certificate, Discovery Education Certificate, and ASDAN Global Discovery Certificate.

Diversified Activities: Exciting Exploration by "Junior Science Explorers"

From mysterious rainforests to boundless oceans, from ancient ceramics to precious artifacts, whether in social sciences or environmental ecology, students can freely choose interested activities, enhancing their knowledge and practical skills.

Interdisciplinary Scientific Knowledge: Studying within the STEM/Science Curriculum Framework

The ages of 11-15 are a crucial period for personality formation, witnessing a deeper understanding of interdisciplinary knowledge in STEM. Through a hands-on approach, students will explore a wide range of museum knowledge in natural science, geography, physics, biology, humanities, archaeology, astronomy, art, language, etc., experiencing the joy of integrating science into life. They will expand horizons and cultivate curiosity, leadership, teamwork, and resilience.

Outcomes of Project-Based Learning: Discovery Science Portfolio

The project emphasizes academic output. Each student will complete works such as expedition logs, workshops and presentations, public performance, recording their highlights of exploration and materials for future studies. Submit your work to the MILSET STEM Photo Contest to win global awards!

Support: Professional Team and Fun Workshops

Collaborating with local conservation areas, organizations, and cultural institutions with years of experience, each program will be equipped with professional leaders. They will guide students to complete diversified explorations to experience the daily work of science explorers. This includes discovery science storytelling, teamwork, and other workshops.

Safety: Ensuring Safety

With extensive local experience, leaders will accompany students throughout the expedition. Our accommodations prioritize safety, cleanliness, and hygiene. All students have access to medical and travel insurance, and in case of illness, staff will immediately accompany students to the hospital and handle insurance matters. Before the expedition, a check-list and safety guide will be provided, and a risk assessment will be conducted for the activity site.

Academic Outputs


research report: visible outcomes beneficial to real social issues


academic portfolio:an unique academic report records your volunteering service


real volunteering story:volunteering stories highlight your PS

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Qualification and Authoritative Certificates

ASDAN UK Science Certificate (UCAS Official Recommendation)

Discovery Education Certificate

ASDAN Global Discovery Certificate

ASDAN Global Discovery

Think Explore Discover

/ What do you need for global discovery?

/ The first step to becoming a scientist

/ How to explore the world like a scientist?

/ How can coral reefs and fishing villages “reach cooperation”?

/ Coral reef guide in the intertidal zone of Western Island

/ Does coral bleaching indicate illness?

/ Talk to sea turtles as a biologist

/ The scientific protection of sea turtles

/ The environment for the survival of sea turtles

/ The impact of mangroves on the local ecological environment